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Physical Activity Impacts Quality of Sleep

Have you ever noticed how much better you sleep after a day of strenuous physical activity, like an intense workout or a heavy day of yard work? Studies have shown that people sleep significantly better and feel more alert during the day if they get at least 150 minutes of

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IQ, Waist-Hip-Ratio Linked

Among 40 year old men who participated in the survey, 5,380 persons had taken an IQ test during the mandatory Swedish conscription examination at a mean (sd) age of 18.1 (1.0) years, 21.0 (1.0) years before the survey. The results of the IQ test were standardized to a normal distribution

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Stabilizing Blood Sugar

The connection between diet and hormones is significant, yet often widely ignored, even though most people recognize that hormones directly impact our health. The most basic link between diet and hormones is this: consuming too much refined flour and sugar disrupts hormonal balance. It is imperative to keep blood sugar

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