Ready to move beyond the “one size fits all” option for supporting employee physical, emotional and mental health?

It’s time for a Catalyst.

Catalyst [ kat-l-ist ] - A person or thing that precipitates change

Catalyst Coaching 360 provides a relationship-based approach to creating positive behavior change, benefiting both personal and professional outcomes. We offer best-in-class health, wellness and performance coaching for organizations, EAP/wellness providers and individuals – augmenting the outcomes for employee team members, partners and clients you serve with real, measurable (and meaningful) results.

Why Catalyst Coaching 360?

Board-Certified Coaching

Our nationally board-certified health, wellness and performance coaches bring a higher level of expertise to optimizing wellness plan strategies.


Established in 2007, we were the first coaching-centric provider to maintain the URAC Comprehensive Wellness Provider status.

Plug 'n Play Setup

Simplified setup integrates with any current platform or program–or we can provide a custom option built just for you.

Guaranteed Outcomes

Make sure your coaching investment yields real dividends. We offer guaranteed outcomes based on your internal KPIs.

High Performance Coaching

As part of our partnership with your organization, we offer high-performance coaching to improve outcomes across your organization.

Internal Program Support

Prefer to build your own internal program? We’ll walk you through best practices while providing access to coaching throughout the process.

The Catalyst Difference

Catalyst Coaching 360 offers a better alternative to large wellness organizations that offer coaching as a little-used adjunct, or run an assembly-line coaching model with call center employees checking boxes during brief, scripted interactions.

As an industry leader since 2007, our priority has always been coaching. In fact, we are also one of the nation’s leading providers of health & wellness coach certification. When you invest in Catalyst Coaching services, you can be confident you’re receiving best-in-class coaching with a value-based pricing model and outcome guarantees.

Catalyst coaches always schedule ample time with clients to allow deeper conversations, leading to stronger connections that are critical for supporting the physical, emotional and mental health of our clients–while leading to more significant behavior change.

Visit our partner organization to learn more about our best-in-class health coach certification.

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