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The Foundation and 7 Progressive Steps of BE…coming

The Foundation and 7 Progressive Steps of BE…coming

Last week, we introduced the concept of BE…coming. What it means, why it matters, and some of the key elements we’ll be covering in the coming weeks for those of you interested in walking this journey with us to enhance health, wellness & life. If you’d like to take a look back at that introductory column, it’s available here. This week it’s time to begin laying the foundation for BE…coming so you can see where we’re heading and how it might influence you, your employee team members or coaching clients.

Let’s start with a simple visual of the BE…coming progression. First – it’s a progression, moving gradually upward and to the right, simultaneously with our expanded growth not simply in “doing” but also “being.” Two key elements of the circle are 1) their expanded size over time represents the growing positive impact we’re able to have in the lives of our family & friends, our community and our world as we tap into this progression and 2) it’s not a straight upward trajectory. Notice the lowest point of each circle is significantly lower than the highest point of the prior circle. And – it may take several rotations before we move upward and to the right to the next step in the process. This be/do integration is new for most of us. Please give yourself grace along the way (yes – I’m talking to you, our often type AAA reader 😊).


The initial diagram includes 7 initial phases, each of which build upon one another. Some will come relatively easy for you while others may involve some significant individual struggles. With the newsletter format, we’ll try to keep it succinct yet provide enough information to allow you to effectively move through each phase. The 7 phases are as follows:

  1. Wrestling with Free Will and the role of FREED Will
  2. Who before What – clarifying a clear, personal vision
  3. Debt analysis of Time, Money & Health
  4. 50-, 500- and 1,000-day targets to “balance the books”
  5. The BE-ing Lens
  6. Assessing our Catalyst Cornerstones
  7. Identifying default modes and potential guardrails

There you have it. The map of where we’ll be heading in the coming weeks. Nothing like getting started right out of the gate with a topic that has confounded philosophers, neuroscientists and physiologists for hundreds of years, right? We’ll look forward to easing into Phase I of the BE…coming journey with you next week. Thanks for joining us.

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