Coaching Comparison

Comparing Standard Coaching to
Catalyst Coaching 360

Think all health and wellness coaching programs are the same? Think again. There are significant differences in experience, expertise and approach. Below, we outline some discrepancies between a typical coaching option and Catalyst Coaching 360.

Typical Coaching Option Catalyst Coaching
Organizational Coaching History 3-5 years 17+ years
Scheduling Options Generally 8-6 Mon - Fri 6 AM - 10 PM + Weekend Options
Avg Experience of Coaches 2 years 9 years
NBHWC Certified Partial 100% Nationally Board Certified
Focus of Provider Technology (Coaching Secondary) Exclusive Focus on Coaching
Format Call Center (Multiple Coaches) Relationship-based (Paired w/ Same Coach)
Coaching Session Window 5-12 Minutes 30 Minutes Scheduled
Special Request Flexibility Select Preferred Boxes Pliable to Meet Unique Requests
Financial Considerations VCs/Investor Influence Privately Held for 17+ Yrs
Coaching Approach Health & Wellness Health, Wellbeing & High Performance
Turnover of Coaches 40-70% Annually 10% Annually
Certification of Coaches Often Lacking NBHWC/NBME National Board of Medical Examiners
Scalability Limited or 90-day build Unlimited (Link w/ Coach Training Institute)