Coaching Comparison

Elevate your team with best-in-class coaching solutions

The evidence is clear: effective coaching with a skilled, nationally-board certified coach yields better lives and better results:

  • Improves quality of life
  • Enhances healthy behaviors
  • Mitigates absenteeism
  • Boosts life satisfaction and optimism
  • Reduces multiple risk factors
  • Stimulates employee performance

Coaching Comparison

Don’t settle for 2nd-tier coaching for your valued employee team members. There are significant differences in experience, expertise, and approach. Plus, you can easily integrate Catalyst into any program/platform or set it up as a free-standing benefit.

Think all health and wellness coaching programs are the same? Think again. There are significant differences in experience, expertise and approach. Below, we outline some discrepancies between a typical coaching option and Catalyst Coaching 360.

Typical Coaching Option Catalyst Coaching
Organizational Coaching History 3-5 years 17+ years
Scheduling Options Generally 8-6 Mon - Fri 6 AM - 10 PM + Weekend Options
Avg Experience of Coaches 2 years 9 years
NBHWC Certified Partial 100% Nationally Board Certified
Focus of Provider Technology (Coaching Secondary) Exclusive Focus on Coaching
Format Call Center (Multiple Coaches) Relationship-based (Paired w/ Same Coach)
Coaching Session Window 5-12 Minutes 30 Minutes Scheduled
Special Request Flexibility Select Preferred Boxes Pliable to Meet Unique Requests
Financial Considerations VCs/Investor Influence Privately Held for 17+ Yrs
Coaching Approach Health & Wellness Health, Wellbeing & High Performance
Turnover of Coaches 40-70% Annually 10% Annually
Certification of Coaches Often Lacking NBHWC/NBME National Board of Medical Examiners
Scalability Limited or 90-day build Unlimited (Link w/ Coach Training Institute)

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