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In the Meantime

In the Meantime

I can’t get author Jenny O’Dell’s words out of my head: “In the meantime, you wait with your ear to ground for patterns of vibration that will never repeat themselves. Faced with flatness, you look for an opening…take it… and don’t look back.”

Did that capture your heart? Create cause for pause? Speak to the you behind the curtain? Let’s take another peek: “In the meantime…” Wow – did you catch that? In the meantime – a phrase essentially describing useless, meaningless, toss to the wayside periods of our lives. In the meantime typically references the junk time that we must wait out until the “important” stuff can get started. Nope. Not the case. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200 (Monopoly fans unite!). “in the meantime” IS the time that matters most! It’s where the REAL opportunity sits waiting – if we pay attention.

She continues “…you wait with your ear to the ground for patterns of vibration that will never repeat themselves.” Phew! In the meantime – we wait with our ear to the ground, listening and waiting for opportunities, hints, vibrations that will never repeat themselves! That’s what’s happening “in the meantime” – it’s right there for us, creating patterns of vibration designed for us and our lives!

Then “Faced with flatness, you look for an opening… take it… and don’t look back.” We look for an opening. Mmmmm. Did you catch the continued subtlety of opportunity? We look (in the meantime, when most aren’t looking at all), move forward (based on new and unique patterns of vibration we picked up by tuning in) and don’t look back (why look back when there are more “meantimes” awaiting us around every corner??).

What does this have to do with health, wellness, performance and life? It IS health, wellness, performance and life. It’s what moves us out of the fog of autopilot we discussed here. It’s the key to tuning into a clear vision we outlined here. You didn’t read this far to settle for mediocre. You’re looking for #BetterThanYesterday – and you might just find it… in the meantime.

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