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Horton Hears a What?

Personal Vision 2023

Horton Hears a What?

Dr. Seuss’s elephant Horton was going about his day (On the fifteenth of May, in the jungle of Nool, In the heat of the day, in the cool of the pool…) when he effectively tapped into Phase II of our BE…coming journey. For reasons unknown, yet daringly true … he moved beyond “what” and focused on “who.” Pause to consider the difference in the story had he limited himself to the generic sound (what) rather than the personalized (who) message of that sound.

That’s your (deceptively missing) key to this next phase in the BE…coming journey: who.

In the world of health, wellness & performance, our time, energy and money is dedicated to the “what.” What should I eat? What exercise is best? What web portal will help my employee team members live healthier lives? What goals should I set for the year? On and on they go: objects, destinations, and boxes to be checked – all while missing the mark. Before we can truly identify the “what do I want to accomplish?” we must first begin with “who is the person I am be…coming?”

A clear, personal vision lights the way forward. It clarifies our daily purpose and simplifies decisions. Goals are great. They provide objective, measurable mile markers along the way. However, they’re often created in a vacuum, selected based on what peers, mentor or others are pursuing. By contrast, the vision is the letter from the future you, drawing you ever closer – not to a cryptic version of someone else – but instead to the best version of you!

Identifying your clear, personal vision will take some time. If you’d like to dip your toe into this process, we devoted an entire episode of the podcast to the subject along with a brief accompanying video with examples to help you get the ball rolling. It’s easy to skip this step amid our already busy lives. We get that – and perhaps you just begin the process now and more fully develop it over the coming weeks and months. When you do, it will set a beautiful stage on which you can build the coming phases of our BE…coming journey together. Horton understood the value of who. How about you? 😊

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