Health & Wellness Coach Training

Catalyst Coaching Institute - The First Name in Coaching

Part of what makes Catalyst Coaching 360 unique is our best-in-class community of health and wellness coaches, trained and certified through our coach training arm, the Catalyst Coaching Institute.  

The Catalyst Coaching Institute offers the nation’s premier health and wellness coach certification programs, with comprehensive training designed to produce coaches who are well versed in current best practices, backed by up-to-date research and guided by decades of instructor experience working with a wide variety of clients.

Unique National Credibility

Our Certified Wellness Coach program is the only health and wellness coaching certification to combine approval by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching with the URAC Comprehensive Wellness Accreditation affiliation.

The Catalyst Coaching Community

All of these elements combine to form a vibrant coaching community of supportive, collaborative health and wellness professionals who are dedicated to helping each other become the best versions of themselves, which providing the highest level of service to Catalyst Coaching 360’s clients.