360 Wellbeing Checkup™

Personal & Affordable Key to Enhanced Employee Mental Wellbeing (and Life!)

65% of employees regularly schedule a dental checkup. Why isn’t there a similar option for our mental wellbeing (and lives)?

Now there is – the 360 Wellbeing Checkup™ - provided by your trusted partner for behavioral, physical & mental wellbeing coaching since 2007: Catalyst Coaching 360.

Working in partnership with your EAP, the 360 Wellbeing Checkup™ not only helps address potentially serious issues before they escalate, it also provides employees a positive, confidential resource for creating lasting, meaningful change in the areas they value most. For less than a cup of coffee/month, employers can integrate semiannual personalized coaching sessions with a board-certified behavior change specialist. The 360 Wellbeing CheckupTM helps recognize red flags while providing holistic support for employee team members.

As the trusted partner of employers and EAPs since 2007, Catalyst can easily and affordably be integrated into any current program or platform. Mental wellbeing is a difficult issue and there’s no magic formula, but the 360 Wellbeing Checkup™ provides your employee team members with a positive, encouraging, relationship-centric approach to a better tomorrow.



of employees have struggled with an issue affecting their mental health(1)


of lost work days are attributed to burnout, depression or anxiety(2)


of adults suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder each year(3)


improvement in emotional exhaustion among physicians engaging with a coach(4)

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