Catalyst Care

Pre/Post-Surgical Coaching

Surgery can play a key role in improving lives and/or returning individuals to their former or enhanced levels of activity. It also brings a wide range of stressors to the body, including but not limited to increased inflammation, compromised immune response, modified homeostasis, reduced tissue oxygenation, post-operative delirium, gut bacterial dysfunction, increased pain, and limited function. CatalystCare opens the doors to access the very best in nationally board-certified coaches to support the unique journey leading up to and following surgery, in a manner and format that is personalized to each individual.

Why it matters

Established research provides extensive evidence of the influence of lifestyle behaviors on surgical outcomes. These include areas effectively addressed by board-certified coaches, including but not limited to sleep, alcohol & tobacco use, activity level and fueling strategies. Additionally, a prior guest of Catalyst 360 podcast, Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan, discussed her research on the subject here. As always, all coaching with Catalyst is entirely client-centered. This means the individual – not the coach – selects the components they would like to address surrounding their surgery.

What this means

For someone facing surgery in the coming weeks or months, CatalystCare coaching may provide a valuable addition. In most cases, it is completely free to participants thanks to the employer’s partnership with Catalyst Coaching 360. CatalystCare is not a replacement for any medical services but rather will help make the most of the pre- and post-surgery process. Areas effectively addressed by board-certified coaches include but are not limited to sleep, alcohol and tobacco use, activity levels, fueling strategies, and creating a support system.

Getting Started

If partnered with Catalyst, a participant will simply schedule the initial coaching session through the link provided and share the desire to tap into CatalystCare for an upcoming surgery. The coach will then take it from there. If the individual is already engaged with a Catalyst Coach, they will schedule the next coaching session as done previously, mention CatalystCare, and be on their way. As always, please contact us with questions anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

No. This is your body, your surgery, and your life. Your coach will provide you with evidence-based guidance on how to optimize your post-surgical outcomes, but you will be running the show every step of the way.

In most cases, CatalystCare is completely free of charge if Catalyst Coaching 360 is integrated into your benefits. Occasionally there are annual caps on the number of coaching sessions covered, so if you’ve already engaged in coaching during this calendar year, you may want to check with your employer about any potential limits.

No. You’ll select a date and time that works best for you and then your coach will reach out to you via phone to get started!

  • Enhancing physical wellbeing pre- and post- surgery. Coach can provide support for individuals to:
    • Identify and follow through with desired nutrition changes to support healing.
    • Incorporate activities or movement of choice to prepare body for strong recovery.
    • Improve sleep habits to ensure adequate rest before and after surgery.
  • Supporting emotional wellbeing pre- and post-surgery. Coach can help individuals to:
    • Prioritize self-care actions.
    • Generate a positive mindset that considers realistic expectations and recalls the benefits of surgery.
    • Process the normal emotions that occur during a time of change.
  • Ensuring healthiest environment possible pre- and post-surgery. Coach can support individuals to:
    • Plan for help from friends and family before and after surgery, if necessary.
    • Consider any changes needed in the home to support recovery.
    • Determine professional strategies to ensure as smooth of a transition as possible.