Catalyst Quit

Personalized Coaching Supporting Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco use is costly for all involved. Individuals spend thousands of dollars annually and suffer from a wide range of resultant health issues affecting both quality and length of life. According to the latest data, the cost for businesses in the US exceeds $300 billion annually in medical care and lost productivity. Reducing or eliminating the use of tobacco can be difficult. Thanks to CatalystQuit, the personalized approach to tobacco cessation, it doesn’t have to be.

CatalystQuit connects each individual with their own, personal, nationally board-certified behavior change specialist to come alongside and provide support, encouragement, insights and guidance through the process. While there’s no easy path to eliminating tobacco, CatalystQuit participants report encouragingly high rates of success, with 93% of participants reporting eliminating tobacco either entirely (20% of participants) or cutting use of tobacco in half or more (73% of participants).

The personal element is central to the success of the program, as participants consistently report a strong connection between themselves and their personal coach and 94% of participants rate the program as “good” or “very valuable.” Along the way, participants also report improving other aspects of their lives, including nutrition, sleep, relationships, stress management and more due to the emphasis on their own, unique history, goals, support systems and life!
“It has played an important role in my quitting smoking. The coaching provided a very supportive and encouraging guide in setting goals, exploring triggers, discussing helpful tips/techniques, and then evaluating their success. I personally did not want to get on a call and report failure or slipping…it was a subtle motivational push that worked! At first, it (seemed like) knowledge I already knew as a Registered Nurse. However, it kept (me) on track and it ensured commitment to the program. I have successfully quit smoking even sooner than anticipated, and I thank the (CatalystQuit) program and my coach Cindy for the extra push I needed to actually do it.”       -CatalystQuit participant

Getting Started

If partnered with Catalyst, participant will simply schedule the initial coaching session through the link provided and share the desire to tap into the CatalystQuit tobacco cessation program. The coach will then take it from there. If the individual is already engaged with a Catalyst Coach to address other health, wellness & performance opportunities, they will schedule the next coaching session as done previously, mention CatalystQuit, and be on their way. As always, please contact us with questions anytime:

Organizations looking to provide their employee team members access to CatalystQuit have two options. The most popular option involves a low-cost, high ROI/VOI partnership with Catalyst Coaching 360 (CC360). This provides access for your team to our full suite of nationally recognized coaching services including but not limited to CatalystElite, CatalystCare and the 360 Wellbeing Checkup. Already have a wellness platform or a traditional version of coaching available to your employee team members? Not a problem, as CC360 can easily and affordably be integrated into any existing program or platform – or be set up as a stand-alone benefit. In the process, you can be confident you’re working with the only national provider focusing exclusively on best-in-class coaching (since 2007). The secondary option is to tap specifically into CatalystQuit as a stand-alone integration into your benefit services, which we’re happy to provide. Either way, contact us to discuss details, options and pricing.