Catalyst Elite

(Bonus coaching option now available to our partners)

Do you have something in your life with which you’re looking to take a step up? A personal or professional pursuit that you’re done pushing off to “tomorrow” and you’re ready to make it happen? Or maybe you’re looking for an evidence-based way in which to support the top performers in your organization, those leaders, sales people and others who aren’t satisfied with the status quo?

Our partners now have access Catalyst Coaching Elite – the high-performance coaching services provided by Catalyst Coaching 360 – at no additional charge. You and your team members still have access to our best-in-class, nationally board-certified health & wellness coaching to take positive steps forward with stress, exercise, nutrition, sleep and other core elements of life. You can also still tap into the 360 Wellbeing Checkup(TM) option to stay on top of your physical and mental wellbeing. But now, in addition to those steps forward, our Catalyst Elite coaching option can help you take that step up – turning potential into reality, and inclinations… into outcomes.

It’s been said the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago but the 2nd best time is today. Are you ready to make today the day you stopped wishing upon that star and instead fueled up the engine to actually get there? Your own, personal coach is ready when you are. Is it time for a Catalyst? Let’s do this!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Schedule a coaching session at your preferred date and time, just as you normally would do. Then, when you initially speak with your coach, mention you’re wanting to tap into the Catalyst Elite pathway. Your coach, who is both nationally board certified and trained in the latest fMT research, will come alongside you to either help you achieve the specific goal you have in mind or help you create the foundation upon which you can enhance your outcomes across a wide range of pursuits.

Connect with your EAP to request coaching. From there, you can follow the steps noted above to take that step up!

CC360 can be easily (and affordably) integrated into ANY program or platform, almost overnight. Contact us at at your convenience and we can discuss logistics and options.

Catalyst Elite gets to the core of performance. Rather than focusing our time on basic business concepts such as strategic planning, peer/employee relations, accountability, etc., we focus in on the components that drive the effective application of those elements. Catalyst Elite Coaching focuses on bringing out the best (unique) version of the individual leader, executive, sales person or high-performing employee team member via:

  • Enhancing leadership and communication through the integration of core skills including but not limited to Motivational Interviewing and Intrinsic Motivation
  • Exploring practical opportunities to tap into the evidence-based fMT (functional mental toughness) Thrive… Prepare… Activate model to optimize both personal and professional outcomes. Here’s a brief introduction to the first of these in this 7 min clip .
  • Tap into often-ignored opportunities related to the Catalyst Cornerstones (Move/Fuel/Rest/Connect). The research is clear that making even minor shifts in one or more of these (seemingly unrelated) components creates immense improvements across a range of functional outcomes
  • If desired, also consider aspects of life outside of work, as we’ve found many/most leaders and high performers desire going beyond “all work/no play” traditional standard

Potential topics of conversation within the Catalyst Elite Coaching option:


a. Enhancing professional influence and professional presence. Coach can support employees to:

  • Optimize focus, engagement, and overall capacity for moving outcomes forward.
  • Bringing leadership skills to the surface, allowing greater abiliity to inspire & empower others.
  • Enhance communication skills, particularly those needed for conflict resolution, collaborating with others, providing feedback, and more.
  • Strengthen emotional intelligence.


b. Executing with excellence. Coach can support employees to:

  • Increase awareness of opportunities.
  • Grow capacity/productivity by improving time and energy management skills.
  • Improve critical thinking skills to support strategic responses (versus reactive).


c. Discovering purpose and meaning in work and life. Coach can support employees to:

  • Create a clear, personal and professional vision.
  • Identify and clarify core values (“What’s your ‘why’?”).
  • Determine ways to integrate core values into work and life.


d. Tapping into healthspan opportunities

  • With the aging workforce, maintaining high cognitive and physical performance into our 60’s and even 70’s in some roles is garnering greater importance. Coach can support employees to tap into evidence-based opportunities to optimize this phase of personal and professional pursuits.