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Healthy Weight Measurements

For those people concerned that their body mass index (BMI) score is not accurate due to significant muscle mass, here are two better ways to check for a healthy weight measurement:

Waist-to-hip ratio:

Wrap a measuring tape around your body at the midpoint between your lowest rib and hip bone and note that measurement. Next, check your hip circumference by measuring the widest part of your hips (usually around your rear-end). Divide the waist measurement by the hip measurement to obtain a ratio.

Your target is 0.9 or lower.

Waist-to-height ratio:

A second measurement of value is your waist to height ratio. According to a 2010 study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, waist to height ratio is better than BMI, waist circumference, or waist-to-hip ratio for predicting an individual’s risk of a heart attack, stroke or death from heart disease. Measure your waist as indicated above, then divide that by your height.

Your target is 0.5 or lower.

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