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The Magic in a Monday

The Magic in a Monday

In the world of weekdays, Mondays often (always!) find themselves at the bottom of the popularity charts. Memes humorously highlight the Monday blues, and surveys consistently rank it as the least favored day. We’ve even suggested a Sunday night self-check to assess our feelings about the impending workweek. It’s almost trendy to dislike Mondays – a sentiment immortalized by the Bangles’ 1986 hit, “Manic Monday” 😊. However, hidden beneath the Monday aversion is the potential for magic if we know where to look.

Recently, an enlightening perspective came to light during our Celebration of Wellness, an event showcasing success stories from the past year. A woman who had experienced a remarkable transformation stood up and shared her secret: “I never miss a Monday.” Intrigued, we probed further, and she explained, “It’s simple – I ensure I never skip my fitness routine on Mondays. I might miss Tuesday or Wednesday, but having one successful day at the start of the week sets a positive tone. If I skip Monday, it becomes easier to skip Tuesday and lose motivation for the entire week. But by never missing a Monday, I lock in positive momentum!”

Discovering the magic in Mondays reminded me of the triathlon wisdom that you can’t “win” the race on the swim, but you can certainly lose it. Mondays, in a way, set the tone for our entire week. We can choose to let them be the anchor that weighs us down or see them as a hidden opportunity to propel our fitness, careers, and lives to new heights.

So, what if we embraced a Magical Monday Mindset in the coming year? Instead of assuming the inherent negatives and reinforcing confirmation bias, what if we took the opposite approach? What if we approached every Monday with a “Today’s the day!” mindset, determined to make it our most effective, productive, and meaningful day of the week? Imagine the momentum that could build for the rest of the week, the positive anticipation on Sunday nights, and the overall boost in effectiveness across all aspects of life.

The opportunity is there for each of us. Are you ready to transform Mondays into your superpower in 2024? Let’s do this!!

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