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Where’s My Focus?

Where’s My Focus?

What a whirlwind of a year it’s been on the global stage! From the advent of AI to political turmoil, stock market rollercoasters, and conflicts spanning the globe, external events have kept us on our toes. While these external factors undeniably affect us all, it’s essential not to be oblivious to our surroundings. We must factor them into our decisions and actions, yet, as we reflect on the past year, let’s resist the temptation to judge it solely based on external circumstances beyond our control.

Instead of fixating on what happened around us, let’s delve into what transpired within us. Did we break free from our established “tribes” and cultivate a habit of genuine curiosity? Did we embrace growth opportunities and curb passivity in the face of screen time? Were we courageous in tackling challenges, or did we find comfort within our familiar zones?

In retrospect, did we dwell on external factors over which we had little or no control? Or did we channel our time and energy into aspects we could influence? Growth demands honesty with ourselves. The easy route, albeit ineffective, involves focusing on perceived wrongs, feeling cheated, or blaming bad luck. A closer examination, coupled with internal honesty, often reveals a different narrative.

Consider commonplace instances like an “unfair” car repair expense or an unexpected running injury. While these may seem to come out of nowhere, deeper scrutiny often shows they result from training habits or ignoring warning signs (a common blindspot I fall for regularly in my own life). Similarly, the sudden car repair may feel like a bolt from the blue, but machines inevitably break down. Do we prepare for such incidents with an emergency fund, or do we naively believe we’ll be the exception?

Research suggests that those who blame external factors tend to overlook internal opportunities, falling behind. In contrast, those who acknowledge external challenges but focus on what they can control witness an expansion of their sphere of influence. Blaming others may momentarily relieve us of responsibility, but it steers us toward an undesirable destination.

Every day, we face a choice: internal focus or external influence. Our chosen perspective can either pave the way for eventual freedom or leave us stranded in a pit of our own making. The decision is ours to make each day.


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