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Resource… Not Ruler

Resource… Not Ruler

Welcome to the dawn of a new year, a canvas painted with the promise of fresh beginnings and untapped opportunities. However, as we embark on this journey, it’s crucial to recognize the subtle algorithms we create within ourselves—distinct from the ones that govern our social media feeds. These personal algorithms, shaped by our history, mindset, and influences, play a pivotal role in shaping our lives. Today, let’s delve into the concept of embracing resources rather than succumbing to rulership.

For our readers, the focal points typically revolve around health, wellness, and performance. Whether it’s fitness, healthy eating, rejuvenating sleep, or nurturing relationships—the cornerstones of the Catalyst lifestyle—they all serve as powerful resources. Yet, there exists a delicate balance, and it’s easy for these resources to transform into rulers, subtly taking control of our lives.

Consider the example of sleep. Acknowledged as a vital resource, its importance is underscored by extensive research and expert insights shared on the Catalyst 360 podcast. However, there comes a point when sleep transitions from being a resource to becoming a ruler—a somewhat malevolent one at that. In my own journey, approaching my late 50s, the nightly interruptions for a bathroom visit have become routine. As I lie there, attempting to resume sleep, the ruler within taunts me with predictions of fatigue and diminished productivity for the day ahead. The resource – sleep – becomes the ruler, taking charge of the day, elevating its own priority above reality, like a child having a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. That’s on me. Like the parents whose tantrum-focused child runs the show, sleep runs mine – because I allow it to do so. Obviously if I go several nights with limited sleep, then my body will suffer. But one night of suboptimal sleep? Ok – there may be some extra yawns along the way but unless I choose to give superpowers to that (minor in the big picture) small deficit, it really won’t have much of an impact on my day.

It’s a familiar pattern that extends beyond sleep to encompass our fitness routines, dietary choices, and social connections. While consistent patterns contribute significantly to our well-being, it’s imperative to remain vigilant. A missed workout, an indulgent meal, or a momentary lapse in social connections rarely has adverse effects within the broader context of consistent habits.

Celebrating the establishment of healthy patterns in our lives is commendable, but it’s equally essential to guard against the subtle shifts where these resources transform into rulers seeking dominion. As we lean into the new year, perhaps now is the perfect time to take a closer look at whether the valuable resources are planning a coup along the way.

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