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Don’t Fall for It

Don’t Fall for It

This is “that” week. The week when many of us are either off work or at least working a modified schedule. The week heading into the fresh start of the new year. The week when our schedules provide more flexibility (and perhaps more sleep), our minds are free to dream, and we confusingly think this week represents reality going forward. Don’t fall for it.

Big goals are great – bring ‘em on!! Big goals that are aligned with our resources (time/money/health) integrate the realities of life that will allow us to springboard our determination, mental toughness and focused effort to make them a reality. The statistics surrounding New Year’s Resolutions are long-standing: Most will come to an end before we even get through January. But they don’t have to!

If you’re working with a skilled coach as you plan your goals, they will certainly encourage the spark, but will also incorporate the realities of life into your planning process. You’ve decided 2024 is the year you’re going to make fitness a consistent part of your routine 3-4 times/week? Great idea! Your coach will likely inquire about what days you’ll be doing so… what time on those days… and (drum roll please) what you’re currently doing on those days/times and how those things will be consistently eliminated or shifted out of their current place in your time and space continuum.

Get the idea? Fitness is an OUTSTANDING addition to our schedules (as are many possible resolutions you may be pondering) – but only if we are able to subtract something else to create the space for such an addition. Depending on willpower to simply cut back on sleep and “grind it out”? As a guy who literally wrote his PhD dissertation on mental toughness, that can be a good short-term (e.g., 1-3 week) strategy. But it won’t work over the long term. Yes – watch a motivational video, crank the tunes, put up the new poster. All of those are good to get the initial momentum, but if we want our positive change to last, we must make the better thing the easy thing. Reduce the friction, build in the support, and create a schedule that works in our real life – not our imaginary life we’re living this week. You’ve got this!!

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