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Choose Your Hard

Choose Your Hard When it comes to making positive changes in our health, wellness, and life, we often find ourselves fixated on two words: “It’s hard.” Indeed, the process of change can be a formidable challenge. Even if we’re dissatisfied with our current circumstances, the gravitational pull of our ingrained

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Margins One of the most important elements leading toward enhanced health, wellness, performance and life is margins. That’s right: margins. The difference between “available” and “committed.” As we discussed in this episode, access to Freed Will (in contrast to Free Will) depends upon it – perhaps more than any other

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In the Meantime

In the Meantime I can’t get author Jenny O’Dell’s words out of my head: “In the meantime, you wait with your ear to ground for patterns of vibration that will never repeat themselves. Faced with flatness, you look for an opening…take it… and don’t look back.” Did that capture your

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