Leigh Saner

Leigh is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach with a master’s degree in Public Health from East Carolina University. She received her Coach training through Duke Integrative Medicine and has been coaching professionally for the last three years and has been working in the health and wellness field for 10 years.

Her passion for coaching came from her experience working in both the non-profit and private sector of the health care system. She continuously saw a gap between knowing what to do to improve one’s health and the actual implementation of those behaviors. That’s where coaching came in. While there are so many things one can do to promote healthy lifestyle practices, Leigh focuses on helping individuals manage their stress through implementing healthy, manageable routines. She loves seeing her clients make sustainable change and build more self-compassion around navigating this crazy thing we call life.

She is an eastern shore of Maryland native but has been living in North Carolina for the last seven years. When she isn’t coaching, you can likely find her on a waterfront trail, mountain hike or running around the house with her pup, Bernie.