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Connect #3

In 1992, the term “French Paradox” was coined by researchers who found the French had minimal cardiovascular disease in spite of a diet that… well… was often associated with cardiovascular disease. Initially red wine (which the French consistently enjoyed with meals, was given the credit. However, over time, researchers found nothing in the red wine (at the levels ingested) that could explain the paradox. So if it’s not the wine, then what’s creating the paradox? The most likely answer is the social element – CONNECT! As Chrissy King discussed in this interview, food/drink are not just about fueling – they’re also part of our social fabric. Wine is generally enjoyed in the company of friends and family, and that connection is one of the 4 Catalyst Cornerstones of wellbeing. If you’d like to tap into the research surrounding these findings, Brady Holmer does an excellent job of digging into the details of the paradox and red wine findings here.

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