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It’s the difference between revenue and expenses. The more margin, the more choices. The role of margin in our lives is equally powerful. I’ve (Brad) been feeling overwhelmed the past month, feeling like there just isn’t enough time to get to everything on the plate that had previously fit. What is wrong with me?!? Then it hit me: Margin! I had traded my historical (time) margin to participate in a series of work-related weekend events 3 times in the past month. These were all great opportunities but they came in exchange for my available margin. I wasn’t “doing” anything differently – I’d simply drained the available margin and was paying the price, similar to paying a high interest on a credit card because my savings are drained. That realization shifted my perspective from “what’s wrong with me?” to “Ahh yes – time to pay off that credit card and get back that margin.” Eliminating debt is an important step in life, but we’re not just talking about financial debt.

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