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“It’s been 365 of record lows and record highs… Loving and losing, fun and confusing, prayin’ and shifting gears.” I don’t know about you, but those lyrics from Ashley Cooke’s song It’s Been A Year do a pretty good job of summing up our year. One of the toughest on a personal level we can remember in our lifetimes, accompanied by highs & memories we’ll carry with us the rest of our days. The loss of old friends, the introduction to new ones… things that simply don’t make sense… new perspectives on the sense of the simple… more than our share of shifting gears… and we know you’re likely right there saying the same. As we move through 2023 together, I hope we can remember – in spite of superficial differences – how much we all need one another. Thank you for being a catalyst for a world in need. We’re grateful for the opportunity to be even just a small part of your lives and thankful you’re a part of ours.

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